The Last One ver. 4.0 – Do not look back

“The Last One ver. 4.0 – Do not Look Back”.


60x 90 cm

Photo Morten Albek



Coming Up

These two pieces are on their way to Galeria Krabbe in Frigiliana in Spain.

They will be part of the Salon exhibition at Galería Krabbe, until February the 25th.

More info about the paintings, please send an e-mail to:

Photo: Morten Albek

The Last One ver. 3.8 – Fucked Up Childhood the-last-one-ver-3-8-fucked-up-childhood

The Last One ver. 3.9 – Vicious Mirrorthe-last-one-ver-3-9-vicious-mirror

The Last One ver. 3.7 – The Existentialist

She took her time …

“The Last One ver. 3.7 – The Existentialist”

Photo Morten Albek


The Last One ver. 3.5 – Double Thoughts


“The Last One ver. 3.5 – Double Thoughts”

50 x 80 cm

Photo Morten Albek

For inquiry please contact

Galleriet Jørgen Østergaard

Telefon: +45 97 25 06 00

Mobil: +45 41 10 34 68


“Beware of The Female Artist”

My latest piece will be shown next year.

“Beware of The Female Artist”
Mixed media
50 x 80 cm
Photo Morten Albek



The things you regret the most in your life, are the things you don’t do.


“The Last One ver. 3.1- Hangovers”

60 x 80 cm