Work in progress

Så er jeg gået i gang med et stort lærred igen.

Elsker de store formater – her er rigtig plads til at boltre sig 🎨🖼

Det måler 150 x 100 cm


A Penny For Her Thoughts

Work in progress

Working on new pieces for my exhibitions in the future 🎨

I love the proces

I love the proces.

The exitement of how the painting will end up.

You start with a naked canvas, and during the time, where you paint, you go from joy to frustration and back again.

And you are not done, until you have accepted, that the painting has its own life and way.

Work in progress

Er i gang med dette værk 🎨🖼

Venter på at oliefarven tørrer, så jeg kan male øjenbryn og nogle justeringer.

The Last One ver. 4.0 – Do not look back

“The Last One ver. 4.0 – Do not Look Back”.


60x 90 cm

Photo Morten Albek


Coming Up

These two pieces are on their way to Galeria Krabbe in Frigiliana in Spain.

They will be part of the Salon exhibition at Galería Krabbe, until February the 25th.

More info about the paintings, please send an e-mail to:

Photo: Morten Albek

The Last One ver. 3.8 – Fucked Up Childhood the-last-one-ver-3-8-fucked-up-childhood

The Last One ver. 3.9 – Vicious Mirrorthe-last-one-ver-3-9-vicious-mirror