The Last One ver. 4.0 – Do not look back

“The Last One ver. 4.0 – Do not Look Back”.


60x 90 cm

Photo Morten Albek



The Last One ver. 3.5 – Double Thoughts


“The Last One ver. 3.5 – Double Thoughts”

50 x 80 cm

Photo Morten Albek

For inquiry please contact

Galleriet Jørgen Østergaard

Telefon: +45 97 25 06 00

Mobil: +45 41 10 34 68


“Beware of The Female Artist”

My latest piece will be shown next year.

“Beware of The Female Artist”
Mixed media
50 x 80 cm
Photo Morten Albek


Årets julegave/ christmas present

Hos Galleri Bergman i Sverige kan du købe et GICLÉE-tryk af dette værk.

Det er trykt i et begrænset oplag – og der er gratis fragt.

Du kan også købe det originale værk i galleriet…/ann-lisbeth-sanvig/

The Last One ver. 1.3

You can buy a  GICLÉE-print of this painting at Galleri Bergman in Stockholm.
It is printed in a limited edition and and have free shipping.
The original is also avaiable in the gallery 🙂

You can´t cheat Death

I have just finished this piece – hope you will injoy it!

“The Last One ver. 3.0 – You can´ t cheat Death”

Mixed media

120 x 180 cm

Photo: Morten Albek

For inquiry please contact:

Galleriet Jørgen Østergaard

Mobil: +45 41 10 34 68


In the making

“The Last One ver.- You can´t cheat Death”

Right now I am working on this piece.

I am very concerned about the tendency in society, that we try to avoid looking older.

In stead of aging gracefully – Botox has golden days among both women and men.

But at the buttom line we cannot cheat death.