Jeg deltager på Gallery Sapere Aude ‘s åbningsudstilling med bl.a. dette værk.

Memento Mori
Olie på lærred
100 x 80 cm

Det vil glæde mig meget at se dig til ferniseringen
fredag d. 5. oktober kl. 16.00 – 20.00 🥂🍷🍾

Gallery Sapere Aude.
Carl Johans Gade 1. sal
2100 København Ø.

Foto Morten Albek



Jeg glæder mig rigtig meget til at skulle udstille i Galeria Krabbe – Contemporary Art Gallery i Frigiliana i Spanien fra d. 8/9-8/10.

Jeg udstiller sammen med en række af Danmarks mest spændende samtidskunstnere.

I´m so proud to be participating in this exhibition from 8/9-8/10 in Galería Krabbe – Contemporary Art Gallery in Spain with some of the finest contemporary artists in Denmark.

The Last One ver. 2.3
“The Last One ver. 2.3”. 50×60 cm

Monkey business

I´m having a blast – just started painting this little fellow 🙂

The Last One ver. 1.5

Finally finished this piece. It took me some time, but I am very happy with the result.

Photo: Morten Albek.

The Last One ver. 1.5

“The Last One ver. 1.5”

100 x 120 cm

Getting out of the comfort zone

This is exactly how I feel for the moment, when I am working in my studio 🙂

Words to remember from David Bowie ♥:
“I think it is terrible dangerous for an artist to fulfill other peoples expectations… And if you feel safe in the area that you`re working in, you are not working in the right area – always go a little further into the wather, than you feel you`re capable of being in …and when you don´t feel, that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you´re just about in the right place doing something exiting”.

The Last One ver. 1.4

“The Last One ver. 1.4”

100 x 120 cm