The Last One ver. 4.0 – Do not look back

“The Last One ver. 4.0 – Do not Look Back”.


60x 90 cm

Photo Morten Albek



The Last One ver. 3.7 – The Existentialist

She took her time …

“The Last One ver. 3.7 – The Existentialist”

Photo Morten Albek


“Beware of The Female Artist”

My latest piece will be shown next year.

“Beware of The Female Artist”
Mixed media
50 x 80 cm
Photo Morten Albek


In the making

“The Last One ver.- You can´t cheat Death”

Right now I am working on this piece.

I am very concerned about the tendency in society, that we try to avoid looking older.

In stead of aging gracefully – Botox has golden days among both women and men.

But at the buttom line we cannot cheat death.


Good news from Spain

Dejligt nyt fra Galeria Krabbe i Spanien. Dette værk har nu fundet et nyt hjem.

Good news from Galeria Krabbe in Spain. This piece has just been sold!


Jeg sender fluks det næste (m. kvinden og sommerfuglen) afsted i dag.
Tusind tak til Caroline og Dorthe Krabbe for det gode arbejde.

I am sending this piece to the gallery today to replace the sold one.



Do not speak

I have been having this motive for quite a long time in my mind 🙂

Finally I knew how to paint it.

“The Last One ver. 2.8 – do not speak”. 100 x 120 cm.

Foto Morten Albek