Coming Up

These two pieces are on their way to Galeria Krabbe in Frigiliana in Spain.

They will be part of the Salon exhibition at Galería Krabbe, until February the 25th.

More info about the paintings, please send an e-mail to:

Photo: Morten Albek

The Last One ver. 3.8 – Fucked Up Childhood the-last-one-ver-3-8-fucked-up-childhood

The Last One ver. 3.9 – Vicious Mirrorthe-last-one-ver-3-9-vicious-mirror


Have Mercy on Me

I am working on some small pieces for future exhibitions and artfairs.

“Have Mercy on Me”. Mixed media. 33 x 41 cm. Photo Morten Albek.


You can´t cheat Death

I have just finished this piece – hope you will injoy it!

“The Last One ver. 3.0 – You can´ t cheat Death”

Mixed media

120 x 180 cm

Photo: Morten Albek

For inquiry please contact:

Galleriet Jørgen Østergaard

Mobil: +45 41 10 34 68


In the making

“The Last One ver.- You can´t cheat Death”

Right now I am working on this piece.

I am very concerned about the tendency in society, that we try to avoid looking older.

In stead of aging gracefully – Botox has golden days among both women and men.

But at the buttom line we cannot cheat death.


Do not speak

I have been having this motive for quite a long time in my mind 🙂

Finally I knew how to paint it.

“The Last One ver. 2.8 – do not speak”. 100 x 120 cm.

Foto Morten Albek


The Last One ver. 2.7 – dreaming of another time

Tid, valg og retning

Tid betyder meget. Tiden er blevet en af de vigtigste ressourcer i vores samfund. Tid til at leve og tid til at mærke, at vi lever.

De valg vi, som mennesker, vælger, er af stor betydning for os og den retning, som vores liv tager.

Time, choice and direction

Time means a lot. Time has become one of the most important resources in our society. Time to live and time to feel, that we live.

The choices we, as humans, take, are of great importance for us and the direction, which our life takes.

The Last One ver. 2.7 – dreaming of another time. 100 x 120 cm. Photo Morten Albek