Art Herning

Photos from a very successful artfair Art Herning this weekend – thanks to my gallery GALLERIET JØRGEN ØSTERGAARD.


Life goes around and around …

I have just started painting a new series of paperworks.

“Life goes around and around”. 70 x 50 cm.

Photo Morten Albek


The Last One ver. 3.5 – Double Thoughts


“The Last One ver. 3.5 – Double Thoughts”

50 x 80 cm

Photo Morten Albek

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Have Mercy on Me

I am working on some small pieces for future exhibitions and artfairs.

“Have Mercy on Me”. Mixed media. 33 x 41 cm. Photo Morten Albek.



The things you regret the most in your life, are the things you don’t do.


“The Last One ver. 3.1- Hangovers”

60 x 80 cm


Impressions from Art Herning 2016

You can here see some impressions from the artfair Art Herning 2016 shot Friday the 29th January by my husband Morten Albek.