I love the proces

I love the proces.

The exitement of how the painting will end up.

You start with a naked canvas, and during the time, where you paint, you go from joy to frustration and back again.

And you are not done, until you have accepted, that the painting has its own life and way.


Back in the studio

After a few days in Berlin, it is good to be back.

Right now I am working on this piece 🎨🖼

The Sense of a Flower

Besides women, whom I have painted for some years, I have started to paint flowers – again.

I did it some years ago, and now I feel the time is right to do it again.

Hope you will enjoy it.

“The Sense of a Flower”

Oil on canvas

60×40 cm

Paperwork in progress

Jeg er i gang med en serie nye papirværker til min gallerist Galleri Bergmann i Sverige.

I’m working on some new paperworks for my gallerist in Sweden Galleri Bergmann

Drifting with the Wind

Drifting with the Wind

Oil on canvas

60 x 40 cm

Fra mit atelier – from my studio